Our Flagship Product

Laser Putting Alignment System

  • State of the art laser training aid for putting.
  • Compatible with most putters, attaches and is removed easily in seconds.
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How does it work

Technical information

How To
  • a Battery Compartment
    holds 2 easy to change, long lasting lr44 batteries
  • b Trigger
    pressure-sensitive momentary switch
  • c Velcro Strap
    securely fastens unit onto shaft, easily removable
  • d Class III Laser
    very bright beam that allows for long distance accurate aiming
  • e Durable Plastic
    abs construction allows for a tough and durable unit
  • f Lightweight
    ultra lightweight and compact, will not affect performance
  • g Alignment Groove
    enables the correct alignment of the unit to the putter face
  • h Adhesive Tabs
    for secure attachment, easy removal without damaging putter face, Extra adhesive tabs included
  • i Improves Ball Impact Pattern
    sidewalls improve putting impact pattern for accuracy
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How do I use it?

Installation instructions

Installation instructions
  • a Attach adhesive strips onto the back of the laser unit legs, line up the groove on the top of the unit with the center groove of your putter, then attach both together.
  • b For best results, coil the trigger unit wire around the putter shaft before attaching the trigger unit. Velcro strap ensures adjustable fit.
    Wrap around the putter shaft, then fasten.
    Always aim away from eyes, never stare into the laser beam.
  • c To replace batteries, open flip-up battery compartment door,
    use three LR44 size batteries with the negative (-) facing the trigger.
Download PDF intructions
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Happy customer's


Finally a good putting aid. What could be more important than knowing where you are aimed?

Gaylen Allen
2001 PGA Teacher of the Year, Minnesota Section

90% of putting is aim. Show me a golfer with good aim, and I will show you a golfer with a good putting stroke. Show me a golfer with poor aim, and I will show you a bad stroke. We cannot keep the LPAS in stock.

Mark Demorest
PGA Golf Professional, Tucson, AZ.

One of our best players, a +1 handicapper, picked up our demo putter with the LPAS and lined up a putt. When he fired the laser, he was shocked to see his alignment about 18 inches high and left on the target! He has shown a marked improvement in his alignment, and cannot wait to hit the links this spring!

Kerry Fitzgerald
PGA Professional, Greenwood Hills, S.C.

The LPAS by The smart golfer has given me the confidence to know that I am aligned properly on each putt, and therefore, has allowed me to make more putts more consistently.

Rich Massey
Nationwide Tour Player